Welcome To Our Church Family!

Who are We?

The Awakening Church is a spiritual family of committed Christians (followers of Jesus) who meet together weekly with the main purpose of loving God with all our hearts and loving one another. We meet weekly on Sunday mornings at our church building located at 32 Pearl Street in Dover, NH, and throughout the week in homes. We are one church with many homes. We are a church designed for the spiritually hungry and for those who seek to be “all in” for Jesus and to grow in Christlikeness.

We gather together on Sunday mornings at the church building. We have Bible study at 9:30 AM where we go deep into the word of God seeking to both understand it and apply it rightly to our lives. We also have two services at both 10:30 AM and noon. The 10:30 AM service is short and sweet and structured at approximately one hour long. After the first service until noon, we connect in fellowship with food and drink. The second service is at noon and has no ending time. It goes for however long the Holy Spirit wants to move and people are free to leave whenever they please with no judgment. The noon service is a prayer and praise service and is spontaneous, Spirit-filled, and has open participation. Our purpose in gathering is to worship God, grow up in Christ, serve and love one another, and then go out and proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus and His kingdom to a lost world.

We have given the title “Awakening” to our church in order to identify our heart and vision – to experience a spiritual awakening in our hearts and lives. Our style is non-religious, non-hyped (but passionate), and real/authentic. At the Awakening Church services, you will hear the whole counsel of God’s word preached with anointing, power, and conviction, find the Holy Spirit moving freely, passionate praise and worship, all the gifts of the Spirit encouraged and exercised, one big loving family (all ages are welcomed) that truly loves and connects with one another (where no one stands alone), the name of Jesus lifted up, the Gospel of Jesus and the kingdom being central to everything, and God’s supernatural power in operation. We are a church designed and geared toward those who are hungry and thirsty for God and who want more than just a “form of godliness” and the status quo. We are a church that seeks to be holy and like Jesus in all things and to see His kingdom come and will be done on earth. We look forward to seeing you and hope you find a group of ordinary people who sincerely love an extraordinary God and one another.

Mission Statement – “A commitment to maturity by growing in Jesus, ministry by
giving like Jesus, and missions by going for Jesus”.
Vision Statement – “To experience a spiritual awakening by being like the New
Testament book of Acts church in the 21st century”.

Church Phone Number – (978)245-6056

Church Email – [email protected]

Divine Healing

What is divine healing? The term “healing” means to “restore, make whole.” God’s will for physical healing is the restoration of the body to a state of wholeness.[1] Why does God heal? So that men may believe in Jesus Christ (John 20:30-31). For God’s delight in seeing His children healthy (Matt. 4:23-24). For God’s glory and […]

The Baptism and Filling of the Holy Spirit

We at the Awakening strive to be like the early church outlined in the book of Acts. We want to be a church that operates in the same power of the Holy Spirit so that they are healed, delivered, set free, and saved from their sins. In order to experience signs and wonders, see the lost get […]