Senior Pastor

Chris Dubois is the senior pastor and elder of the Awakening Church. His wife Nicole Dubois leads up the children’s ministry. Both Chris and Nicole founded the Awakening Church on Easter April 12th, 2009. Chris was born and brought up in NH whereas Nicole was born and brought up in Bucharest Romania. God supernaturally brought them together in the summer of 2005 and have been married since March of 2006. They have two healthy and handsome sons named Jonathan Nicolas Dubois (born on July 16th, 2008) and Josiah David Dubois (born on April 6th, 2010).

Pastor Chris holds a Bachelor in Bible degree with a major in Bible and a minor in Pastoral studies from Zion Bible Institute (now called Northpoint Bible College) and a Masters of Divinity degree from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Chris gave his life to Christ at a young age but later recommitted his life to Christ at the age of 15. Shortly after this at the age of 17, he had a powerful spiritual experience in his life that got him fired up for God and would forever change his life and direction, as he received a calling from God to pursue fulltime ministry. Nicole gave her life to Christ at a very young age and in her teenage years felt a calling upon her life to fulltime ministry. She always knew that she would marry a pastor one day and that she would be a worship leader. Their heart is to see the New Testament book of Acts church in operation today in the 21st century and thus to see a spiritual awakening and revival in New England and throughout America that would spread across the world. They long to see the Holy Spirit move freely in the church and to see the church mature to the fullness of God, minister in her gifts, walk in holiness and purity, and spread the Gospel all over the world.